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Tech Lead Workshops

NOTE: Our first Tech Lead Workshops Meetup will be November 1, 2017 at Riot Games in Santa Monica, California. Join Us

First, Learn the Framework

There are lots of ways to be a great tech lead. Tech Lead Workshops follow a prescriptive, simple approach geared toward novices:

  1. Capture and Articulate a Vision No matter whether you’re trying to lead a huge project or a small product feature, it’s helpful to have a clear and compelling vision for your team.
  2. Evangelize Tech Leads need to connect one on one with the members of and stakeholders to the team to make sure the vision resonates and animates individually.
  3. Coach and Connect Manage the daily daily build by connecting the daily grind to the vision, and protect the culture in the process.

Second, Choose a Case Study

Tech Lead Workshops follow a case study method.

Sprint Planning Impasse You’re the tech lead in a spring planning meeting with five software engineers. Your engineering manager relies on you and wants some kind of prototype at the end of this sprint, but the other senior engineer in the room refuses to write a line of code until all the design and architecture is done. What will you do now?

Welcome to the Team This workshop explores a common, ambiguous work situation. You are a new, junior software engineer on a team at a big company. Work through the ambiguity to find moments to lead, get some results, and improve your engineering team’s culture and effectiveness.

more to come . . .


Third, Join a Workshop

And welcome to the journey into leadership. Becoming a great tech lead, senior software engineer, architect, principal engineer, whatever you want to call it, takes time and practice.

Use these open source workshops to help you develop skills before you need them.

You can read about leadership and study it all you want, but you won’t get real practice until real leadership moments come up. Leadership is like public speaking in that way – the only way to get good is to practice.

Get Involved

Share a Workshop Idea   Got an idea for a workshop you don’t see? Write one up and contribute (see below) or just send an email to Michael Rice. Ideas in all shapes of readiness are invited! It can be real or fictional.

Contribute   See a typo? Hate the design? Pull requests welcome!

Meetup   If you’re in Southern California, please join our Los Angeles-based Tech Lead Workshops Meetup. Even if you’re not in LA, consider joining – we’re going to be doing some virtually. Not in LA? Start your own!

Go On Premise   Start a group at your company or organization! If you do, let us know how it goes and whether we can advertise it here.

Global Slack Community   We’re at Need an invite? Send an email to Michael (see above).

Tech lead workshops are based on case studies to help improve your team’s tech leadership skills. Open sourced for you to run at your company or at your next Meetup!

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